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  • 20Dec

    If you have been wondering why there was nothing new over the past week, here’s the answer:

    I have spent the past few days on holiday in Australia, cruising under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and sailing past the Opera House. Even though it is supposed to be the hot season, there seems to be a lot of wind. Well, one would get used to the climate in a couple of days.

    Shopping in Australia is indeed more expensive than in Singapore. For example, an average meal would cost anything around A$10 (S$13). To send a postcard from Australia to Singapore, it would cost the sender A$1.40, compared to S$0.50 the other way round.

    Since there are over 3000 photographs waiting to be processed, it is now time to sort them out. More about my trip in the upcoming posts.

    Posted by Wei Jie @ 20:21

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