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  • 09Apr

    Recently, colourful postcards on the theme of ‘Embrace our Diversity’ have been made available across the island. This social campaign by Central Singapore aims to answer questions on cultural and religious taboos, while encouraging Singaporeans to treasure their multicultural society. In this series, there are three different postcard designs.

    ‘Many people have used the word rojak to describe Singapore. The rojak is a fruit with spicy peanut sauce. Each ingredient retains its distinct taste and appearance, yet together they make a delicious dish. Singapore is home to people of different ethnicity, language, faith and nationality. The TRUST website is a celebration of this diversity. Read about the many cultural and religious festivals, weddings and birth customs. Get answers to your doubts on cultural do’s and don’t’s. Try our recommended ethnic food outlets and send your wishes to friends with our festival e-cards.’

    ‘Take a walk through the heartlands and in your neighbourhood and you will be surprised at our rich ethnic and community heritage. We share with you the stories behind some of Singapore’s ethnic landmarks and places which serve good ethnic food.’

    ‘What gifts should I avoid giving at a Chinese wedding? How much hongbao should I give? Why do Malay ladies not shake hands with men? What gifts can I give to Hindu friends? Many of us have asked these questions. Many of us are afraid of offending our friends by giving the wrong gifts, wearing the inappropriate clothes, etc. Rather than causing offense, we may find it easier to stay away from people of a different race and religion. Surely, this is not the solution!’

    To find out more information, visit the TRUST website at http://www.trustcentral.org.sg.

    Visitors have repeatedly asked where they could get some of the collections featured on The Restaurant. To make things easier, we introduce I Want One!, where we give these items for free, including postage!

    If you would like to obtain this set of postcards, simply let me know by leaving a comment below. Do include your name and email address as I would be asking for your mailing address via email. I will try my best to fulfil as many requests as possible. Note that I have a limited number of postcards to start with!

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    Posted by Wei Jie @ 15:04


8 Reviews

  • Food Review by Christine Joy:

    I would like a set of postcard please!

  • Food Review by Dorin Cojocariu:

    I love this slogan from an American billboard: “Diversity is our strength”.
    Please send me a set of your colorful postcards. Later, we should swap some items. πŸ™‚

  • Food Review by Tan Bao Ren:

    Can I have a set too? πŸ™‚

  • Food Review by rachel:

    can i have one set too? =p by the way chance upon this site through ur profile at postcrossing.com. =p

  • Food Review by Terence Wong:

    Hi WJ, do reserve a set for me.
    I went to city yesterday, but didn’t see those.
    Those cards are colourful and lovely.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Food Review by Wei Jie:

    The requested cards have been mailed out earlier today πŸ™‚
    Remember to inform me upon receipt, thanks!

  • Food Review by Danielle:

    Hi, I love this set of postcards! Could I please have a set? (I live in Vancouver though, do you mail internationally?)

    Thanks! πŸ˜€

  • Food Review by Wei Jie:

    Yes Danielle, I would be glad to send you a set of postcards. Do send me your address, my email can be found on the top corner of the page.

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